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The Desco - Tastes and knowledge of Lucca is a great outdoor table where they meet the tastes and knowledge of a rich land of wine and food resources: a real journey that returns every year at Real Collegio in Lucca at weekends in the months of November and December.
Il Desco is a showcase of local products of the highest quality - including perfumed cured meats such as ham Bazzone, the Biroldo of Garfagnana (both Slow Food) and Mondiola, the old "Shepherd's cheese" called the Slumped and Caprino Garfagnana or still Formentone ottofile and Farro IGP, accompanied by excellent wines from the territories of great value as Montecarlo and Colline Lucchesi - but it is also a real flavor route from Lucca takes you through the streets of Garfagnana between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, crossing the Versilia and the beautiful Valle del Serchio.
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